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Scrapbooking: “LARP "235"”

One of my favorite pastimes is LARP’ing.
There was an impressive LARP game in a military polygon in 2009, called 235.
It was a joint project by larpers and airsofters.
It was one of the most interesting games, because it included arms soldiers, policemen, enemies, allies, traitors, money, intrigue, secrets, radio, entertainment, secret science fiction club, the mayor’s death, long live the new mayor, survival and lots of other fun things.
My character:
Scrapbook “LARP 235”
For the competition: Scrapping the Music
A play on words:
…to try and hide…
…another alibi to write…
…You know you’re going to make it…


2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking: “LARP "235"”

  1. Great great great! Patiko tavo blogas, jo sterilus tamsumas, puikiai atspindintis tavo meditatyvinę prigimtį, ir dar pliusas už hobį – tokia veikla į paviršių padeda iškelti užslėptus vidinius resursus.

  2. 😀 Ogo kai giliai pakapstei 🙂 ačiū už gražius žodž laikui bėgant dizainas keisis… :)matysim kur tai nuves 😉

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