Handmade wedding photo album: Family Chronicle Book "Jurga&Andrius"

Posted: 2013-01-23
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Since wedding day  starts a new family history, which shall include all important dates and events in a similar way. Family chronicle book  will help for Jurga and Andrius  to collect objective information about the family for generations to come, to carry out family genealogical research that is draw up a family tree.

Spec: 25x25 cm, handmade, created for Jurga and Andrius.


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2 thoughts on “Handmade wedding photo album: Family Chronicle Book “Jurga&Andrius”

  1. hello
    I’m really interested on your work, it’s amazing
    you sell?
    which is the price to a album like this?
    this is my email for contact

    1. Hello,
      Thank you, for your interest.
      Yes, i create albums by individual orders. I’ts better if you define your criterion (color, theme, simbols, mood etc.)
      The price is about 130 $.

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